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I will submit sitemap xml and index website in google in an hour

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submit sitemap xml and index website in google in an hour

Do you want your website to be be found on Google? Did you update your site and want it to be indexed on google instantly than wait for google to crawl manually which might take long time?

What is Sitemap.xml?

An XML sitemap is a file that lists a website’s important pages, making sure Google can find and crawl them all. It also helps search engines understand your sites structure.

What is Google Indexing?

After a page is discovered, Google tries to understand what the page is about. This process is called indexing. Google analyzes the content of the page, catalogs images and video files embedded on the page, and otherwise tries to understand the page. This information is stored in the Google index, a huge database stored in many computers.

Sitemap XML and Google Index both are very important factor of SEO.

I will submit your sitemap xml and index your website in google in an hour

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  • 3 Years SEO experience
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  • Money Back Guarantee

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