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I will run high converting and results driven geofence
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Please contact me before placing order so we can discuss your need and how i can help.

You want your business to get noticed, you want more foot-traffic to your store. This Gig is perfect for you.

I help agencies and brands plan, execute, and optimize high-performing ad campaigns with engaging custom rich media creatives and advanced targeting.

I’ll draw a fence/boundary around the event center, conference, estate, shopping mall, parking lot or tradeshow, store, etc. when someone with smart-phone enters the location they got capture and push ads to them instantly with a (CTA) Call-To-Action that will direct them to take a given action.

What is included for my ads;

Drive incredible foot-traffic

Increase the awareness of your business or brand

Increase your customer loyalty

Gain direct call from the targeted audience

Gain store visit

Drive them to your website

Retarget your existing customer or audience

And more.

Besides being reliable, I always make it a point to listen to your needs first and adjust as we go.

Get in touch now to discuss better.

I will run high converting and results driven geofence
I will run high converting and results driven geofence
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