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I will recover hacked wordpress site and remove malware

Delivery Time :   1 Days
Complete Order :   350 Times
Minimum Gig Price $ 5
Seller Trust Point+2

#recover_from_hacked, #fix_hacked_WordPress, WordPress clean malware and remove blacklist

“If you want to recover hacked WordPress website, clean malware and fix website bug then this gig is perfect for you!”

I have recovered lots of website from hacking and made there web security future hacking proof which made it almost impossible for the hackers to hack them again. I am a professional Certified Ethical Hacker and Programmer.

this gig will provide:

  • Recover hacked WordPress site
  • Malware Scan, clean malware & clean malicious (backdoor, Phishing Scripts)
  • JavaScripts redirecting page to other sites
  • Clean database malicious code
  • recover from any kinds of google/browser warning or blacklist
  • Install and configure Anti-malware plugin
  • Update all plugin and themes
  • BruteForce attack protection
  • Blocking repeated bad login attempts
  • Blocking bad IPs
  • Enforcing strong passwords for all users
  • check WP core files changes
  • monitoring of file changes

Backlist/warning removing:

  • “This site may be hacked.” 
  • “This site may harm your computer.” -google search blacklist
  • “This site ahead contains malware” -browser blacklist
  • “This account has been suspended” -hosting malware warning
  • and more

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