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I will promote your ebook, effective 3 step marketing campaign, 100 percent manu

Delivery Time :   3 Days
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Minimum Gig Price $ $55
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Welcome to my Pinterest Promotion Gig!!!

I will promote your Online store products to my 7 Million Monthly Pinterest AUDIENCE, 20.26 Million Impressions and 1.02 Million engaged audience with direct link of your product or store, this is a permanent lifetime promotion.

There is no any limitations (Please Contact)

This service is perfect for Online Stores like Etsy, eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Wix. If you want to increase your Sales!!!

I can’t guarantee that viewers will definitely purchase your product or service. But The Main rule of this platform is “Post now, gain results later”.

You just need to send me your products or store link. I will publish it on my Pinterest.

Hopefully you will get better results than your Expectations!!!

I will pin your images in my boards or I will create custom boards for your products or stores.

My boards

Men Fashion | Home Décor | Weddings | Art | Travel | Shoes | Natural Photography | Etsy | Watches | Makeup | Pets & Animal | Women Fashion | Logo | Motivational | Health and Fitness

and many more..

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