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I will organically promote your to thousands and millions of linkedin audience

Delivery Time :   2 Days
Complete Order :   Times
Minimum Gig Price $ $5
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Hello there,

Welcome to my gig

I am Presh Guru, a digital marketing expert with vast years of experience, lets just say, I was given birth into it. I have expertise in social media platforms like FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, etc

I will share your Website or Blog Post / Content / Video or Business promotion on LinkedIn 3Million or Facebook 1Million audience.

Highly active connections mostly from the USA, UK, Canada, European, Asian countries. This time and gradually increasing day by day

100% REAL and active audience

All of the audience are professionals from different Industries and Professions. Most of the peoples are with the following titles

Marketing Professionals
Sales Departments
Regular Employers/ Employees
Owners or Founder
Sales Departments
Project Managers


Brand Awareness
Drive traffic to your website
Get your content in front of a potential audience of millions of professionals
Great Exposure to real People
Brand Building

Please Note:

I do not post Inappropriate content Like porn

I will send you only screenshots of the post just after completing the project


Contact Me, lets get started!!

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