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I will help you learn or improve in german

Delivery Time :   7 Days
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Minimum Gig Price $ 10
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instagram: mitar_nik
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Do you want to improve your German?

Ich kann helfen (I can help)

I am a native German speaker and also a polyglot who currently speaks seven Languages. Therefore, I know exactly how it is to learn a new language and know all the struggles that one can face trying to achieve that goal.

With that in mind, I can help you learn the German language in a very effective way, which will lower the time you are going to need to improve your skills.

I will provide you with some tips that I learned during my journey of learning languages to help you also improve your German by yourself.

Additionally, to the lesson(s) you take with me, you can also get some individual training materials that will help you improve those things that you are still struggling with.

I hope that you decide to choose me as your tutor and that I can have some good lessons with you.

I am open to doing the lessons with you wherever you like. (Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google hangout, etc.)

Kind regards, Mitar.

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  1. optimum content, i love it

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