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I will do twitch promotion for your twitch channel with email marketing

Delivery Time :   3 Days
Complete Order :   3 Times
Minimum Gig Price $ 10
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Digital Marketer
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About This Gig

Hello and welcome. I’m excited you’ve found my gig!

I’m metrics-focused & skilled at promoting for both struggling and big Twitch channels.

Here is what I will do as described in my scope.

Basic: I will advertise your Twitch channel to active twitch streamers for 2 days.

Standard: I will advertise your Twitch channel to active & interested streamers for 4 days.

Premium: I will advertise your Twitch channel to an active & targeted audience + manage your twitch channel for 7 days.

Here is what I will do:

  • E-mail gamers list generation’
  • E-mail template design
  • Campaign blast
  • Survey report
  • Follow up &
  • Forum commercial

PS: I am result driven so I use every organic way to get engagements

Requirement: All I need is your twitch channel link. Drop a message if you have any questions or custom requests as per this gig.

Warm regards,



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