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I will do nft discord chat discord moderator and discord chatter

Delivery Time :   2 Days
Complete Order :   Times
Minimum Gig Price $ $20
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Welcome to my gig.

Have you been looking for an expert to handle your discord server?

You are at the right place. I have been in this field for many years and I have promoted up to 90 servers to its peak. With my great knowledge and experience in this field, I will professionally handle your NFT, crypto or gaming discord server, in terms of promoting, moderating, chatting and other aspect in your discord server.


Have got 20 team of chatters that can boost your server activeness always and take your project to the moon.

Why ME?

  • 24/7 activeness
  • Full engagement
  • Highly interactive

Incase you have any other question, do not hesitate to contact me.

Best Regards

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