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I will do email marketing campaign to promote shopify store

Delivery Time :   2 Days
Complete Order :   Times
Minimum Gig Price $ $20
Seller Trust Point0

I will setup complete email marketing ecommerce email marketing.

I’ll assist you in creating Email Automation Flows/Sales Funnels to maintain a positive relationship with your clients and convert visitors to buyers.

I’ve worked with all types of Klaviyo and Shopify e-mail marketing setups and know how to make them successful.


  1. Welcome series email
  2. Abandoned cart
  3. Browse abandonment automation
  4. Thank you email
  5. Product review email
  6. cross sell and upsell email
  7. Back in store email automation.

why me?

  1. No Invalid Mail
  2. Fast Delivery (If needed)
  3. Remove Duplicate
  4. Active and Clean Email list
  5. All mails collect Manually
  6. Accurate/on-time delivery
  7. 24/7 available.


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