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I will do Email marketing and social media marketing coming awareness

Delivery Time :   2 Days
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Minimum Gig Price $ $15
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  • Hello amazing business owner, welcome to my Gig

The issue of not getting sales is becoming rampant everyday. I thought about this and realized it’s not supposed to be so I went on research to detect what people are doing wrong and I’ve come to realize that they don’t have proper planning and execution. Here’s a long lasting solution to this calamity (brand awareness).

Brand awareness has been the top strategy to market business since business are now mostly handled online unlike before when people process business offline.

  • I will build brand awareness for you implementing Email marketing and social media:
  • Email marketing:- I’ll design eye-catching, winning, and sales-attractive email campaigns with attention grabbing CTAs (call to actions) that will attract your prospects to perform expected actions.
  • Social media:- I’ll create one-time and automated posts with custom graphics and winning contents. That I’ll blast it out to targeted and niche related audience making use of trending hashtags.

Place your order now to enjoy new world of success in your business



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