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I will do bulk email blast email campaign send bulk email marketing

Delivery Time :   3 Days
Complete Order :   Times
Minimum Gig Price $ $10
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Hello there,

Are you looking for a Bulk Email Campaign/ Bulk Email Blast? I will send Bulk Emails (Email Marketing, Email Blast, Email Campaign) as per the packages with over 95% Delivery Rate. This will boost sales and Traffic, Leads & Sales of your products or services.

I would send emails for you to the perfect audience you need for your product or website. I can send emails for your campaign to your mail list (if you have any) & I can also send emails on my mail list according to your need. I can also schedule an email campaign for a specific date or time to get the highest result.

After finishing a campaign, I will provide you all reports within 24 hours. I would provide you reports of:

  • OverView of whole Campaign
  • Opened mails
  • Bounced mails
  • Clicked mails
  • Unsubscribed mails

For buyers, who require regular emailer services and bulk volume – feel free to contact me, for the best-discounted rates guaranteed!

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