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I will do beneficial keyword research for SEO and competitor analysis for top ranking

Delivery Time :   3 Days
Complete Order :   Times
Minimum Gig Price $ 5
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Keyword research provides you with specific search data that can help you answer questions like:

  • What are people searching for?
  • How many people are searching for it?
  • In what format do they want that information?

So you have asked yourself these questions…you’ve just found the perfect gig!

[You can more strategically target a specific location by narrowing down your research to specific towns, counties]

About this gig

Keyword Research

For Amazon Affiliate

Search Volume, Actual Competitor, Ranking Difficulty, Av. PA, MSV 20%, conversion 10% of F, Product Cost, Amazon Affiliate 10% of H, ROI

For AdSense

Search Volume, CPC My Expected visitor (Total visitor 20%), Advertiser.Ranking Difficulty, Actual Competitor, Average PA, Average DA, Estm, Earning


Competitors URL,Sub Domain ,eCommerce site,Page URL PR,DA,PA,Alexa Rank, No. Of Site Indexed Page. KW in URL, KW in Description, KW Proximity Social Signal(Tweets, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn)

Why me?

Detailed Report, quick Response. I have premium instruments for catchphrase research like KWfinder KW-revealer, MOZpro, SEMrush, Ahrefs.

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