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i will develop nft marketplace website and nft marketplace

Delivery Time :   14 Days
Complete Order :   Times
Minimum Gig Price $ 1000
Seller Trust Point+1

Hello buyers

NFT marketplace crypto ecommerce website

Create a business or earn passive income by opening a NFT marketplace that accepts crypto currency like Bitcoin, Ethereum or any ERC20 token, even your own!

I am Blockchain/Exchange specialist.

I have worked with big blockchain projects, centralized crypto exchanges and several DEFI and NFT Marketplace projects.

Experiences :

– Token Development on Several Network (ETHE RIUM, BSC, MATIC, ZILLI qa.. )

– DEFI Project Forked From pancake SWAP, Goose DEFI, Panther swap

– NFT Marketplace Development

– Token ICO Pre sale

– Several Solidity Smart Contract Development

To get started, the seller needs:

  1. Reference
  2. features
  3. full features and functionalities in a document
  4. ui ux design
  5. logo
  6. web name
  7. gateway to be included
  8. more will be discuss inbox…

What’s included:

 Adaptive website


 Domain name

 Order form

 Autofill website

 Website content

 Admin panel


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