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I will develop kid learning app, learning app, educational app, kid learning game

Delivery Time :   30 Days
Complete Order :   3 Times
Minimum Gig Price $ $50
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Benny mart
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Have you been looking for a professional developer to help develop a responsive kid learning App that is fast, secure and user friendly?

If so, Then let me welcome you to my educational app or kid learning app gig. A professional Programmer with quality years of experience.

I’m pretty sure that you might be a teacher, parent, tutor or a business man which will be the reason you are here looking for a way to develop well functioning learning app for your students and children.

Service include:

  • Alphabetical learning Games
  • Puzzle arrangements games for kids and many more
  • In-App Purchase iOS app & android mobile app
  • Firebase Integration (Authentication, Database, Storage…)
  • Social Media Integration (Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…)
  • Local and Push Notification in android and iOS mobile app
  • Compiled Games ready to publish on your Play store Or any App stores
  • Android & IOS Games
  • Quizalize Apps.
  • Racing Games
  • arcade Games
  • Amazing Cool looking Graphics
  • Scatter-gories Games
  • Bingo Apps
  • Puzzles game apps
  • Draw swords games
  • Pictionary games

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