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I will design quiz survey, type form,logic form and booking form in wordpress

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If you are looking for help regarding creating forms for your workplace documentation or forms for your research surveys, you have come to the right place.

I can create forms for the following purposes.

Survey forms for research work

Survey form for your Organization

Registration form

Form for documentation

Form for record of Health, safety and environment

Forms for inspection

Forms for data collection

Log Book to keep records

Survey analysis

Medium for generating forms will be

Google Forms

MS word

MS Excel

Along with generating these forms, I can analyze the forms to assess the results of survey. Moreover I can help with sorting/organizing data/notes

Making Flashcards/quizlet

Organizing notes topic vise

Checking/proofreading notes

Conducting research to make new notes

Please contact me before placing order, so that we me discuss the requirements.

Thank you.

Regard: Yusuf

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