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I will create a stunning and eye catching vtuber and vrchat avatar character for you

Delivery Time :   7 Days
Complete Order :   1 Times
Minimum Gig Price $ 60
Seller Trust Point0

Hello Great Buyer,

I am a 3d character artist and animator having years of experience working with different companies, studios and software houses. I am well passionate, and art lover 3d artist, and I have created many models for:

1. Games

2. AR/VR projects

3. 3d Printing

4. Unity and unreal engine

5. Animations

I will create VRChat avatar for you (it can be VTuber avartar too). I will create turnable animation, 360-degree animation, 3D character animation. I am very particular in details, quality and speed. i will help you make your ideas come to life with Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop, Blender as my tools.

Instead of this, if you want me to rig or animate your characters, I can also do this. I have experience in Maya, Zbrush, Blender, and 3ds max.

I can also work on unity 3d for VR/AR purposes or Vrchat/Vtubing AVatar. I can deliver you all the requested formats: fbx, obj, STL, VRM, DAE, GLB, Mb, blend.

I like to use Substance painter and Photoshop for texturing. I use Maya for face rigging and body rigging.

-Before placing the order please contact me so that we can discuss the requirements.

-Prices are not fixed. They can be negotiable based on requirements.

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