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I will build profitable shopify sales funnel with clickfunnels

Delivery Time :   2 Days
Complete Order :   Times
Minimum Gig Price $ 10
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Speeding and scaling your shopify sales is the most thing people thought of everyday, but with only your shopify store the rate will be low. What i just say is, yes only your store can’t bring in sales, but the most tools implemented to achieve this is a sales funnel. Having a sales funnel in the process of shopify marketing, help you to increase the rate of add to cart and sales conversion as well as effective audience building.

I offer my service to help you build a profitable and top notch shopify sales funnel with clickfunnels which help in the management of your audience and to help you scale your shopify sales

Having known some short benefits of what sales funnel will do for the success of your store, Here below is the lists of offer I provide in this GIG.

  1. Effective sales funnel strategy
  2. Audience management
  3. Clickfunnels customization
  4. FB ads to drive traffic
  5. Downsell / Upsell page to sell more related products
  6. Payment gateway integration
  7. Funnel SEO optimization
  8. Sales copywriting
  9. Email sequence for follow up
  10. Abandon cart email……


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