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I will be your animated explainer and youtube video script writer

Delivery Time :   2 Days
Complete Order :   48 Times
Minimum Gig Price $ $5
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Are you looking for a video script writer?

Do you need to produce a video but think script writing is not your cup of tea?

You need not to worry because you are at right place.

Listen! Be it a sales , whiteboard/animated explainer or YouTube video script,it is the lifeline of the video and it does nothing if not crafted according to the expectation and requirements of target audience. Allow me to do the magic on your video scripts. I’ll make them more engaging and entertaining for your audience with the originality and novelty of content in the best professional way, possible.

What to expect from this gig

  • Factually accurate and Meticulously Researched Script
  • 100% Unique and Creative Script
  • Intro Monologues to Hook the Audience from the Beginning

The videos I write scripts for include:

  • YouTube
  • Explainer
  • Whiteboard animated
  • Product description
  • Commercial

and more on wide range of topics which include but are not limited to business, education, health, technology, environment, top10 lists etc.

Please contact me before placing an order, so we can discuss further details.

Have a good day