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Do medical or health keynote,powerpoint presentation

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I’m a qualified medical graduate with MBBS & a pre-intern specialised in General Medicine and have 5+ years experience in creating top notch PowerPoint or keynote presentations on any topic related with medical science & health.

I can provide you an excellent service in creating a professional,100% authentic & unique ppt or keynote presentation with engaging visuals related to any topic on medicine or health. I will include pictures,graphs,tables and illustrations where necessary.I can make complex content more digestible for the audience & I assure that only well researched accurate information is provided with zero defect in my service.

I can provide you the presentation in video,PDF or any other format you would like

•My areas of expertise include surgery,therapy,obstetrics & gynecology,paediatrics,public health,dermatology,anatomy,biochemistry,physiology,microbiology,neurology,nephrology,urology,ortholaryngology(ENT),pathology,histology,psychiatry & many more

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