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Do facebook ads google ads to get more sales
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I am Atanda, a digital marketer, and I previously worked as a digital marketing specialist at Cognizant. I have more than 4 years of experience in the field, and I specialise in Facebook and Google ads. During this time, I have managed advertising campaigns for numerous clients and have spent more than $1 million on advertising on their behalf.

Facebook/Google Ads Strategy For Your Business :

Landing Page analysis & Testing

Setup Campaign Goals as per your business objective

Create Detailed Buyer Persona for your business

Target Audience Research & Competitor Research

Install Facebook Pixel

Setup Ad group and Ad set

Re marketing & Create lookalike audience

Campaign Optimisation & Reporting

If you are looking for Facebook & Google Ads specialist to set up and manage your campaign, just order now and you will see the difference.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Do facebook ads google ads to get more sales
Do facebook ads google ads to get more sales
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