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What happens if a buyer reports you on Fiverr?

buyer reports you on Fiverr

What happens if a buyer reports you on Fiverr? If you`re a seller on Fiverr, it`s critical to recognize what can take place if a customer reviews you. Here`s what you want to recognize.  

 If a customer reviews you on Fiverr, your account can be suspended or maybe completely banned. This can take place if the customer feels that you haven’t added for your promise, or if they’re sad with the great of your work.


If you’re a seller on Fiverr, it’s far crucial to be conscious that consumers can file you to Fiverr if they’re now no longer glad together along with your paintings. This can bring about your account being banned or suspended.

Therefore, it’s far crucial to make certain which you supply excessive first-rate paintings for your consumers and talk with them often to make sure they’re glad together along with your paintings. 

It`s essential to do not forget that buyer may be everywhere within side the world, so in case you do now no longer supply what they expect, they will sense like they were cheated.

This is why it`s essential to constantly supply fine work, and to speak with buyers to make certain that they may be satisfied with what you’ve got got delivered. 

How to get first order from fiverr

If you’re stated on Fiverr, the exceptional issue to do is to try to clear up the problem with the buyer. If you’re not able to do this, then your account can be prone to being suspended or banned.

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